Samenwerking met Franse actiegroep

De Franse actiegroep Collectif des familles unies wil ons graag helpen om ook een actie met ansichtkaarten van kindertekeningen op te zetten. Zie onderstaande antwoord dat ik ontving op mijn voorstel tot samenwerking:

Dear Ad Corten,

Thank you for your message.

It is very important that movements merge in all the countries of Europe (and the world) which have children detained in camps in Syria. A victory in one country can lead to a favorable development in another. The French government, which has repatriated 35 children since 2019, is still very reluctant to repatriate the other children (200) because it does not want to repatriate mothers with them. But we have more and more support among parliamentarians and in civil society.

We can of course send you French children’s drawings, which you can use in your campaign. All these drawings were made in the camps. We would also be interested in having Dutch children’s drawings.  We printed 10,000 cards that we send as a priority to President Macron, but also to parliamentarians and personalities.

Excuse our bad English.

Best regards,

Marc Lopez

Collectif des Familles Unies

Twitter : @FamillesDes

PS. Some drawings included

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